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NAPA AutoCare Hollywood proudly uses Justice Brothers Products. A complete line of products that cover the automobile from the front to the back. Whether it’s for the radiator, catalytic converter or anything in between, they have products that help it last longer or operate better. These are the same products used by many OEM car manufacturers.


Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic Transmission Service
Cleans internal transmission pats & reduces friction with a professional 2-step kit. Improves shifting & reduces transmission heat. Cleans sludge, gum varnish & improves transmission fluid circulation.

● Cleans internal transmission parts
● Removes harmful deposits
● Improves shifting
● Cleans sludge gum and varnish
● Reduces transmission heat

Part No. TS/500 (2-15 FL. OZ. Plastic Bottles)



Radiator System Service

Radiator System Service
Cleans entire cooling system with a professional 2-step kit. Stops rust & acid formation & helps prevent overheating. Safe for use with all types of antifreeze.

● Mixes with all types of antifreeze
● Contains no acid, needs no neutralizer
● Safe for use in all engine blocks

Part No. RS/200 (2-15 FL. OZ. Plastic Bottles)



Fuel Injection System Service

Fuel Injection System Service
Completely cleans fuel injectors & system with a professional 3-step kit. Increases power & performance while eliminating hesitation & after-run.

● Fast 3-step system
● Improves engines performance
● Helps improves gas mileage

Part No. FISS/700 (3-15 FL. OZ. Metal Cans)



Complete Power Steering Service

Complete Power Steering Service
Helps prevent premature component wear & stops hard steering when cold. Removes varnish deposits & helps prevent leaks. Three different types for compatibility with all fluids.

● Contains anti-wear ingredients, antioxidants and seal conditioners
● Meets the performance requirements of domestic and most import auto manufacturers

Part No. PSS/551P (64 FL. OZ. Plastic Bottle) C-type/red
PSS/551PA (64 FL. OZ. Plastic Bottle) A-type/red
& PSS/551PH (64 Fl. OZ. Plastic Bottle) HA-type/amber



Total™ Oil System Service

Total™ Oil System Service
Cleans engine oil system internally & reduces friction with a professional 2-step kit. Reduces engine wear & protects engines from harmful acids.

● Helps engines run smoother, cooler and quieter
● Removes harmful deposits
● Treats the Metal, Not the Oil®
● Contains JB Metal Conditioner®

Part No. TOS/400 (2-15 FL. OZ. Plastic Bottles)



High Performance Brake Fluid

High Performance Brake Fluid
A high quality brake fluid that exceeds DOT 3 and DOT 4 specifications. For use with hydraulic disc, drum & ABS braking systems. Mixes with all conventional fluids.

Part No. BF/14 (32 FL. OZ. Metal Can)



Diesel Emission Control Service

Diesel Emission Control Service
For Designed for use in all diesel vehicles up to Class 4.
Completely cleans diesel fuel and oil system with a professional 3-step system.

● Removes soot & damaging carbon
● Approved for Bio-Diesel
● Cleans the diesel EGR valve
● Cleans diesel fuel injectors
● Cleans the oil system
● 3-step system

Part No. DECS/777P (3-32 FL. OZ. Plastic Bottles)



AC Cleaner

Bacteria killer & freshener that removes the unpleasant odor caused by fungus, mold & mildew while killing mold & other organisms in the vehicle’s air conditioning & heating systems. Easy to apply. Freshens interior air with refreshing mild scent.

● Kills harmful bacteria in the heating and air conditioning system
● Leaves a pleasant refreshing smell after treatment

Part No. AC/27 (5.5 OZ. NET WT. Aerosol Can)




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