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Clutch Repair

Clutch Repair in Hollywood at Hollywood NAPA Auto Care with our Two Year, 24,000 Mile Warranty will give you piece of mind. Because at Hollywood NAPA Auto Care we know manual transmissions typically can be more reliable than an automatic transmission. They can often last for over a 100,000 miles. But like the weakest link a weak area with a manual transmissions is the clutch. Although we can't really blame the clutch for being the weak link. After all, it takes a lot of wear and tear every time you shift, the clutch has to be disengaged and then re-engaged. If you drive in an area where there is a lot of traffic, you are especially putting a lot of stress on the clutch, putting it through hundreds of cycles of engaging and disengaging over and over again, just in that one driving session. The wear adds up over time and eventually even the most reliable clutch will start to slip, make noise, and then wear out.

However, you can prolong the inevitable, by having Hollywood NAPA Auto Care provide manual transmission service and replace the gear oil. This will allow you to add some extra time onto the life of your clutch and avoid it from wearing out prematurely. But when the unavoidable finally does happen, and your clutch reaches its end, Hollywood NAPA Auto Care can replace the clutch, pressure plate, and throw out bearing. We will also will resurface the flywheel. Think of Hollywood NAPA Auto Care as your source for all types of transmission repair and transmission service, including replacing your clutch.

How do you know when it's time for clutch repair? Here are just a few warning signs:

LOOK- Check your vehicle's tachometer when you are driving, and notice how it responds when you shift. A clutch that is beginning to slip or wear out will not shift as smoothly, and the indicator on the tachometer will move erratically up and down.

FEEL- Does it feel rough when you shift into a different gear? If you notice that your engine reacts by jerking abnormally when you up shift or down shift, then this may indicate that your clutch is headed toward that big white light in transmission heaven.

LISTEN- When you engage the stick shift, listen to how the engine reacts. Is it revving excessively or irregularly? Often times, this symptom is combined with the tachometer needle bouncing up and down erratically and the jerking motion of the car. All of these are possible warning signs of future clutch repair or service.

SMELL- When a clutch is wearing out, it often omits a very unpleasant smell like burning rubber. The smell may appear to emanate from the passenger compartment of the car. But if you park the vehicle and exit it, you may well also smell it from outside of the car. The source of the pungent smell is friction from the worn clutch contacting the flywheel in an improper manner.

You do not have to have ALL of the above symptoms in order to indicate that you need clutch repair or clutch replacement. If you are experience ONE or any of these warning signs, it would be a good idea to bring your vehicle to Hollywood NAPA Auto Care in Hollywood, so that we can thoroughly inspect your vehicle and have you safely back on the road.

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